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Slide Rules: What Civil War Looks Like

March 2006

The article reports that by definition Iraq is in the midst of a civil war and has been ever since the first year of the "post-war" era in 2003.

Extra Rempublicam Nulla Justitia?

March 2006

In a world of rivalrous states whose peoples are connected ever more directly by globalization, Thomas Nagel has forcefully reasserted a classical thesis of early modern political thought: outside...

Human Rights and the Ethic of Listening

December 2005

Universal Human Rights brings new clarity to the important and highly contested concept universal human rights.

Global Democracy?

December 2005

In this Article, we describe an emerging arena of global administration.

World-Wide Expansion of Higher Education in the Twentieth Century, The

December 2005

The authors examine the global expansion of higher educational enrollments over the 20th century. Rates of growth accelerated in virtually all countries after 1960.

Global Justice

December 2005

Address to National Convention, Democratici di Sinistra, December 3, 2005, Florence His view is that war is a human catastrophe, not an exciting, noble adventure.

Empowering the Poor: What Does Democracy Have to Do with It?

April 2005

Poverty reduction on a large scale depends on empowering those who are most motivated to move out of poverty - poor people themselves.

When All Else Fails: International Adjudication of Human Rights Abuse Claims, 1976-1999

January 2005

Although interest among sociologists in the consolidation and expansion of an international human rights regime has grown in recent years, little attention is accorded the formal procedures that...

The Vicious Cycle of Inequality in Latin America

December 2004

The new millennium began with the triumph of democracy and markets. But for whom is life just, how so, and why? And what is being done to correct persisting injustices?

Minimalism About Human Rights: The Most We Can Hope For?

December 2004

Values in the EU Constitution: The External Dimension

December 2004

In 1995 the Commission argued that "the European Union has gradually come to define itself in terms of the promotion of [human] rights and democratic freedoms."1 Over the last decade, the...

Sovereignty Relinquished: Explaining Commitment to the International Human Rights Covenants, 1966-1999

September 2004

Countries that ratify human rights treaties voluntarily compromise their sovereignty by subjecting their behavior to externally imposed limits and scrutiny.

Equality and Difference: Regional Courts and Women's Human Rights

September 2004

Women's human rights lie at the intersection of two intellectual and political movements: gender equality, and multiculturalism.

Dams and Development: Transnational Struggles For Water and Power

August 2004

Big dams built for irrigation, power, water supply, and other purposes were among the most potent symbols of economic development for much of the twentieth century.

Human Rights and Citizenship: The Emergence of Human Rights Education

August 2004

A recurring theme in the sociology of education is that schooling produces citizenship or a sense of membership in the nation-state.

Moving Up Out of Poverty: What Does Democracy Have to Do With It?

August 2004

Morally and analytically, there is no more vexing phenomenon than the persistence of mass poverty.

The Rule of Law as Transition to Democracy in China

December 2003

This paper assesses Pan Wei's proposal for a 'consultative rule of law system' for China, finding it a potentially important step along the path of political reform.

On Democratic Equality

December 2003

Equality points to one of the critical dimensions along which the quality of democracy varies.

The (Too-Low but) Rising Quality of Democracy in Brazil and Chile

December 2003

There is a reading of democracy in both these countries that is not optimistic.

U.S. Foreign Policy and Chechnya

December 2003

Chechnya has been and remains one of the greatest stains in Russia's efforts to move toward a more open and democratic system .

Western Triumphalism: The Crisis of Human Rights in the Global Era

December 2002

There is a metaphysical crisis in human rights.

The Global Divergence of Democracies

December 2001

Drawn from outstanding articles published in the Journal of Democracy, The Global Divergence of Democracies follows the enthusiastically received earlier volume, The Global Resurgence of Democracy...

How democracy affects growth

December 2001

This paper introduces a new methodology to examine the empirical relationshipbetween democracy and economic growth.

The Effects of Science on National Economic Development, 1970-1990

December 2000

Expanded scientific activity is thought to benefit national economic development through improved labor force capacities adn the creation of new knolwedge and technology.