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Youth with Hope Program

BACKGROUND Youth with Hope is the first large-scale vocational training program implemented in Mexico.

Entrepreneurship After the Arab Spring

The project “Entrepreneurship after the Arab Spring” addresses a number of questions on the entrepreneurship ecosystem that comprises the legal, institutional, regulatory, and policy frameworks...

Program on Social Entrepreneurship

"Transforming ripples into waves of transformational change across the world" Vision: The Program on Social Entrepreneurship at Stanford's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law...


Marcel Fafchamps Senior Fellow Professor, by courtesy, Economics
Jerry Kaplan Research Affiliate Lecturer, Strategic Director of CDDRL
Kathleen Kelly Janus Lecturer, Program on Social Entrepreneurship
Dinsha Mistree Research Affiliate, Governance Project
Sarina Beges-Thysen Associate Director, CDDRL
Vanessa Melo Research Staff, CDDRL