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Democracy Rebooted: The Future of Technology in Elections

September 2015

 Event Abstract:On September 24, Stanford’s Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law in partnership with The Atlantic Counci presented a public address by President Toomas Ilves of Estonia on the future of technology in elections....

Managing Collective Intelligence in Open Journalism

October 2014

AbstractIn her talk, Aitamurto focuses on the idea that large crowds of people can be more knowledgeable than a single expert.

Distant Witness: Social Media, The Arab Spring and a Journalism Revolution

October 2014

AbstractAndy Carvin was National Public Radio's senior product manager for online communities. He accepted a position at First Look Media in February, 2014.

Big Data Predictions: Using Your Skills for Good

September 2014 is an open platform empowering people to create the change they want to see all over the world.

Technology in the US Presidential Elections

February 2013

Static websites, mailing lists and blogs propelled Howard Dean to the chair of the DNC in 2005.

Political Change in Taiwan: Implications for American Policy

May 2000

Since 1997, Dr. Richard Bush has been the leadig on-site practitioner of US-Taiwan relations.


jerry kaplan headshot 7 Jerry Kaplan Adjunct Lecturer, CDDRL, Research Affiliate, CDDRL
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