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Diamond on ending the Presidential-Debate duopoly

May 2015

In a recent article in The Atlantic, CDDRL Director Larry Diamond argues that third-party candidate participation in presidential debates is an essential next-step for democracy in the U.S.

Stanford student shares experiences from UN human rights training conference

January 2015

Lauren Wedekind is a Stanford undergraduate studying Human Biology and Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law.

CDDRL honors student recognized for outstanding thesis

June 2014

CDDRL undergraduate honors student, Belinda Tang, received the David M. Kennedy Prize for her research on quota systems for women in local governments in Lesotho.

Stanford conference on violence and policing in Latin America and the United States

June 2014

Scholars, law enforcement officials, business leaders and community activists gathered at Stanford for a two-day conference to examine violence and policing in Latin America and the United States....

Program on Arab Reform and Democracy welcomes new leadership

May 2014

This summer CDDRL is welcoming new leadership to oversee the growth and development of the Program on Arab Reform and Democracy, one of the Center's principle research program's examining...

Stanford conference to examine violence and policing

April 2014

Scholars, law enforcement officials, business leaders and community activists will meet next week at Stanford to examine violence and policing in Latin American and the United States.

Casper shares insights into speeches from his presidency

February 2014

Academic freedom was a recurring theme during Gerhard Casper's eight years at the helm of Stanford.

A nuclear energy program that benefits the Iranian people

February 2014

Siegfried Hecker and Abbas Milani argue that only a truly peaceful nuclear energy program can bring Iran the prosperity and innovation it deserves.

In Mexico, economist finds employers get what they pay for

November 2013

Frederico Finan, a senior fellow by courtesy at FSI and a faculty affiliate at CDDRL, presents the first-ever experimental evidence that bigger paychecks attract better workers who hold a true...

Former FBI director to bolster security research at Stanford

November 2013

Robert Mueller, the FBI's chief for the past 12 years, will spend the current academic year as a consulting professor and the Arthur and Frank Payne Distinguished Lecturer.

In Rio's slums, Stanford students examine social policy up close

October 2013

In June 2013, Beatriz Magaloni, director of PovGov, led the Stanford Bing Overseas Studies Program to Brazil.

Liberation technology seminar series debuts on Sept 26

September 2013

The Liberation technology seminar series starts on Sept 26 and will take place every Thursday until Dec 5 (except Nov 28). For further details, read on.

Ambassador to UN taps FSI's Weinstein as top adviser

September 2013

As Ambassador Samantha Power's chief of staff, Jeremy M. Weinstein will serve as her principal policy adviser and play a central role in advancing her strategic priorities and U.S.

Secularization and Religion: The Legacy of Liberlism in Mexico

July 2013

According to a common view in Mexico today, the attempt to transform Mexican political institutions according to liberal values since the nineteenth century has been a complete failure.

Poorly Governed Resource-Dependent States: Policy Options for the New Administration

July 2013

Many resource dependent states have to varying degrees, failed to provide for the welfare of their own populations, could threaten global energy markets, and could pose security risks for the...

Political Reform in the Arab World: Problems and Prospects

July 2013

On May 10-11, 2010 the Program on Good Governance and Political Reform in the Arab World at CDDRL held its international inaugural conference.

Welcoming the class of 2014 undergraduate honors students

July 2013

The Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at Stanford University is pleased to announce the 2014 class of undergraduate senior honors students.

Digital Townhall from Cairo

July 2013

Egyptian activists made history in February 2011 when they overturned a thirty-year dictatorship, in part thanks to their mastery of social media.

Is Alien Tort Statute Applicable to Corporate Defendants?

July 2013

Early in the Supreme Court oral arguments in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co., Justice Kennedy alerted the plaintiffs' lawyer that, for him, "the case turns on this:...

Turkey and the Arab Spring: Between Ethics and Self-Interest

July 2013

Turkey redefined its geographical security environment over the last decade by deepening its engagement with neighboring regions, especially with the Middle East.

Violent Corruption and Violent Lobbying: Logics of Cartel-State Conflict in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia

July 2013

Why have militarized crackdowns on drug cartels had wildly divergent outcomes, sometimes exacerbating cartel-state conflict, as in Mexico and, for decades, in Brazil, but sometimes reducing...

Stanford scholar argues that time is running out for a two-state solution

May 2013

CDDRL Director Larry Diamond argues in The Atlantic that there is no greater imperative for American interests in the Middle East- and no higher act of friendship that the U.S.

Latest research examines link between violence and economic growth

February 2013

In a report for the Inter-American Development Bank, CDDRL's Program on Poverty and Governance research team explores the relationships between economic outputs and drug trafficking violence in...