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Human Rights, Evidence-based Policymaking, and Donor Support for Technology Innovation

January 15, 2010

AbstractInformation is at the heart of human rights work, and the growing emphasis on evidence-based policymaking to support development and transition goals has changed the way human rights...

Poorly Governed Resource-Dependent States: Policy Options for the New Administration

March 13, 2009

Many resource dependent states have to varying degrees, failed to provide for the welfare of their own populations, could threaten global energy markets, and could pose security risks for the...

Savings, Sustainability and Equity

February 15, 2008

Kirsten finished her PhD at Stanford’s Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources in 2007.

Is there a "Resource Curse"?: Mineral Wealth and Institutions in the Soviet Successor States

April 11, 2007

Political Science has very few "accepted truths." One of the most prominent is the claim that countries endowed with natural resources, particularly mineral wealth, are doomed to suffer from poor...