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How U.S. Should Take on Iran

December 2004

CDDRL Faculty Associate, Michael McFaul and Hoover Institution Fellow, Abbas Milani argue that Iran's nuclear program does not pose a direct threat to the United States.

Financial Times op-ed disputes legitimacy of court ruling that West Bank barrier must go

July 2004

In an op-ed published July 22 in the Financial Times, CDDRL affiliated scholar Alan Isenberg asserts that the International Court of Justice -- which recently ruled that Israel's West Bank barrier...

Renowned political economist and author Francis Fukuyama speaks on state-building

May 2004

In a May 14 lecture hosted by the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law, Francis Fukuyama, PhD -- professor of international political economy at Johns Hopkins University and...

Wrong Time to 'Stay the Course'

August 2003

Michael McFaul - Last week was a tragic setback for those committed to promoting regime change in the greater Middle East.