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Fighting for reform in 22 countries, Stanford fellows get lessons in building democracy

August 2012

Some of this year's Draper Hills Summer Fellows have been imprisoned and abused for trying to democratize their countries.

CDDRL Visiting Scholar Olena Nikolayenko Analyzes Post-Soviet Youth Movements

June 2009

Thousands of youths in the post-communist region applied nonviolent resistance methods to protest large-scale electoral fraud.

Stemming the democratic recession

September 2008

If the big global story of the 1980s and 1990s was the remarkable expansion of democracy, the bad news of this decade is that democracy is slipping into recession.

Troubled Transformations: Fostering Democracy and Development in a Quickly Changing World

April 2006

Wow are democracy, development, and the rule of law in transitioning societies related? How can they be promoted in the world's most troubled regions?

Afghanistan at Halftime

September 2005

In a recent op ed, CDDRL's J. Alexander Thier discusses Afghanistan's landmark September 2005 elections.

A Reshaped Role for the U.N.

October 2002

Michael A. McFaul - The United Nations and its Security Council have never been the ultimate authority in deciding issues of war and peace.

Don't Look to Russia for Help on Kosovo

April 1999

The Clinton Administration was right to reject Slobodan Milosevic's cease-fire proposal -- entering into negotiations now with Serbia, which has largely achieved its military goals in Kosovo before...

NATO's Collateral Damage in Russia

April 1999

Although few in Washington have noticed, US-Russian relations have entered a new era with the NATO bombing of Serbia.

Russia: Indispensable Thorn in U.S. Side

April 1999

Like no other international crisis of the last decade, NATO's bombing campaign against Yugoslavia threatens to undermine support for Western-oriented reforms in Russia and isolate Moscow from the...

A Flawed Pragmatism

October 1998

In the West, Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov is often described as "wily," "pragmatic," and "a realist" who seeks to carve out a place for Russia as a major player in the global game of balance-of...