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Political order in Egypt

August 2011

In the May-June edition of The American Interest, Francis Fukuyama traces the contemporary history of U.S.

A fourth wave or a false start?

May 2011

In a new piece published on the Foreign Affairs website, CDDRL Director Larry Diamond argues that the Arab Spring is witnessing a thawing and freezing across the region as anti-democratic forces...

Larry Diamond: Transition traps

February 2011

After the peaceful mass uprising that toppled one of the world’s oldest autocracies, it is now possible to imagine the emergence of a genuine democracy in Egypt—the most important country in the...

Diamond provides recommendations for a post-Mubarak world

February 2011

Two decades after the fall of Soviet-bloc dictatorships, popular movements for democracy are erupting in the last regional bastion of authoritarianism: the Arab world.

Larry Diamond on Tunisia's uncertain transition

January 2011

The toppling of a brutal, corrupt, and long-ruling dictator, Zine el Abidine ben Ali, is an extraordinary achievement for the diverse elements of Tunisian society who came out into the streets in...

Former Hewlett Fellow Greg Domber wins Betty M. Unterberger Prize

July 2009

Greg Domber, 2007-2008 Hewlett Fellow, received the 2009 Betty M.

Book Review: The Gunslinger

July 2008

FSI senior fellow Stephen Stedman reviews John Bolton's book, Surrender Is not an Option, in the July/August issue of the Boston Review.

McFaul gives Class Day lecture to 6,000 Stanford graduates, family members

June 2007

CDDRL Director and political science Professor Michael McFaul gave the 2007 Class Day lecture on Saturday, June 16.

Ukraine's Election is Pivotal

October 2004

One of the decade's biggest events in Europe is happening at the end of October - the Ukrainian presidential election.

Solidarity with Iran

February 2004

Contrary to common perception, Iranian society is today one of the most pluralist, and the Islamic regime one of the most fragile, in the region.

Camps of Terror, Often Overlooked

June 2003

%people 1% - In visiting Poland last month, President Bush took the time to go to Auschwitz and tour one of the most ghastly assaults to humanity in the history of mankind.


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