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From Prague Spring to Arab Spring: Global and Comparative Perspectives on Protest and Revolution, 1968-2012

March 2, 2012

36th Annual Stanford - Berkeley Conference on Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies    From Prague Spring to Arab Spring:  Global and Comparative Perspectives on Protest and Revolution, 1968...

Scholars-At-Risk at Stanford

April 28, 2010

Join Scholars at Risk at Stanford University on Wednesday, April 28 at 12:00 PM for a behind the scenes look at struggles for freedom of speech around the world and the courageous individuals who...

Russia's Negative Influence on Democracy in the Post-Soviet Space

November 12, 2009

Jakob Tolstrup is a CDDRL visiting scholar from August-December 2009 and will be doing research on his dissertation External Actors and Democratization: Russia and the EU Competing for Influence in...

Youth Movements in Post-Communist Societies: Dynamics of Nonviolent Resistance

April 14, 2009

In the presentation, Olena Nikolayenko will analyze the development of youth movements in five post-communist countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Serbia, and Ukraine.

Reverse Contagion: The Rise of the Authoritarian Internationale in the Former Soviet Union

November 8, 2006

Vitali Silitski received his PhD in Political Science from Rutgers University.

Waves and Troughs

April 28, 2006

In 2006, under the auspices of the Program on Democracy, CDDRL initiated a project called "Waves and Troughs of Post Communist Reform." The project is led jointly by Michael McFaul and Kathryn...

Democracy Promotion and the Presidential Elections in Belarus

April 5, 2006

Trygve Olson is a political and public affairs professional who brings nearly twenty years of experience, working on five continents, to his profession.

A New Wave of Democratic Revolutions? Comparing Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus

May 18, 2005

This is a round table symposium organized jointly by CDDRL and CREEES. Participants will include visitors from Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus and CDDRL's own Steve LeVine and Gail Lapidus.