Civil Wars

Scholarly Publications

The Quality of Two Liberal Democracies in Africa: Ghana and South Africa

December 2003

While the Third Wave of Democracy swept through many African countries in the 1990s, South Africa and Ghana stand out as two of the continent’s real success stories politically.

Inside Rebellion: The Politics of Insurgent Violence

October 2006

Some rebel groups abuse noncombatant populations, while others exhibit restraint.

Federalism, Fiscal Authority, and Centralization in Latin America

August 2006

This book explores the politics of fiscal authority, focusing on the centralization of taxation in Latin America during the twentieth century.


A Chance of Success Slips Away

September 2004

CDDRL Visiting Fellow J. Alexander Thier questions President Bush's assertion that Afghanistan is on a path to democracy.

Iraq: Lessons (Not) Learned

January 2005

Larry Diamond writes about hurdles facing nations trying to rebuild or democratize shattered states.

Afghanistan at Halftime

September 2005

In a recent op ed, CDDRL's J. Alexander Thier discusses Afghanistan's landmark September 2005 elections.


Civil War and Development

October 13, 2004

Professor James Fearon will present this paper as part of an ongoing research project into the relationship between civil wars and economic development.

Which Path to Peace? Autonomous Recovery and International Intervention in Comparative Perspective

November 17, 2004

Assistant Professor of Political Science and CDDRL Faculty Associate, Jeremy Weinstein, will present a paper on whether or not states embroiled in violent conflict are better able to emerge with a...

The Natural State and the Political-Economy of Non-Development.

January 12, 2005

Barry Weingast is the Ward C. Krebs Family Professor and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and Professor of Political Science at Stanford University.


Program on Economic Performance

Nearly half the world's population - some 2.8 billion people - lives on less than two dollars per day. The gap between the rich and the poor is vast.


Bassam Haddad Analyzes the Root Causes and Dynamics of the Syrian Uprising

February 2016

As part of the Program on Arab Reform and Democracy's speaker series, George Mason University scholar Bassam Haddad explained the roots and dynamics of the tragic Syrian uprising, with particular attention to its background and to the recent...


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