Scholarly Publications

World Society and the Nation-state

July 1997

The authors analyze the nation-state as a worldwide institution constructedby worldwide cultural and associational processes, developing four main topics: (1) properties of nation-states that...

Changing Logic of Political Citizenship: Cross-National Acquisition of Women's Suffrage Rights, 1890 to 1990, The

October 1997

We analyze the acquisition of women's suffrage in 133 countries from 1890 to 1990.

Identity, Social Distance, and Palestinian Support for the Roadmap

August 2004

Suicide attacks occur in the context of a conflict between warring groups, supported by an organization and sometimes even by families and communities which proudly sacrifice their children.

Other Publications

The China Factor and the Generational Shift over National Identity

October 2014


Democracy Assistance: Scholars Look at New Ways to Evaluate Programs on the Ground

August 2007

What are the preconditions for democracy? National identity? Economic wealth? Relative economic equality? How does an unstable, illiberal democracy become a well-functioning, stable one?

Working group takes environmental ethics in two directions

August 2008

The Environmental Ethics Working Group has embarked on two distinct and experimental approaches to environmental ethical research.

Playing with Fire

October 2008

Program on Global Justice Director Joshua Cohen talks with Glenn Loury of Brown University about Sarah Palin, what comes after the collapse of conservatism, and why a life defined by racial...


Is Taiwan Chinese?: Comparing the Experiences of Taiwanese and Chinese

November 8, 2005

Many people in China and the US assume that the new Taiwanese national identity is a political ploy which originated with Taiwan's government.

Quest for the Next Wave of High Tech Industry Growth

April 17, 2003

The trend for globalization of high-tech industries has gained momentum during the last few years. In particular, the Asia Pacific region has become an increasingly important market for U.S.

Enforcing the Peace: There Aren't Enough Canadians

January 27, 2005

Kimberly Marten is a tenured associate professor of political science at Barnard College, Columbia University, and also teaches at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA).


Traditional Governance, Citizen Engagement and Local Public Goods: Evidence from Mexico

In developing countries authority is often wielded unevenly. Tribes, clans, religious groups and other traditional leaders control zones of governance outside of the reach of the state.

The Use of Lethal Force by the Police in Rio de Janeiro and the Pacification Process

The Military Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro (PMERJ) confront critical challenges as they attempt to reform and reduce the incidence of the use of lethal force.

Indigenous Peoples Rights

This project seeks to promote the collaboration between the Center for Latin American Studies and the Program on Human Rights in conducting an interdisciplinary faculty/graduate student research...


Pious Neoliberalism and Islamic Charity in Egypt

April 2015

AbstractIslamic charities occupied a critical space in Mubarak-era Egypt.

The Civic Culture Transformed: From Allegiant to Assertive Citizens

April 2015

Audio File Russell Dalton speaks on his new book, "The Civic Culture Transformed: From Allegiant to Assertive Citizens" as part of CDDRL's Research Seminar Series  00:00:00 01:25:19    Abstract:The original Civic Culture model portrayed the ideal...

Paul Heritage, Queen Mary University of London

June 2015

 To view more media from the conference, please visit: --------Speaker Bio: Paul Heritage is a Professor of Drama and Performance at Queen Mary University of London, International...


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