Children's health


World Bank chief presents plan to end extreme poverty, prevent pandemic

November 2015

Stanford students belong to the first generation that could witness the end of extreme global poverty – in what would be one of humankind's greatest achievements – the head of the World Bank said...

Wise: The evaporation of child health policy

May 2015

CHP/PCOR's Paul Wise addresses the ChildX conference on the evaporation of child health policy in this podcast.

Mark Lorey of World Vision speaks on faith-based international NGOs

February 2015

Mark Lorey, vice president for Child Development and Program Effectiveness at World Vision International, spoke on his experience working for a faith-based international NGO on human rights issues...


The Digital Defenders of Children

February 5, 2015

AbstractThorn ( drives technology innovation to fight child sexual exploitation.

The Political Determinants of Health in the Arab World

May 30, 2013

Lina Khatib is the co-founding Head of the Program on Arab Reform and Democracy at the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at Stanford University.

Can Liberation Technology Save Lives? Addressing State Failure in the Provision of Public Goods

February 8, 2013

Abstract:This discussion will focus on the potential utility of innovative technology to address the governance obstacles to the provision of critical public services.  Using the challenge of...