Scholarly Publications

Enlargement Strategy and its Progeny, The

October 2004

The fifth enlargement round (Enlargement) of the European Union (EU), which took place on May 1st 2004, is rightly recognized to be a momentous landmark in the history of modern European...

EU Rule of Law Promotion in Romania, Turkey and Serbia-Montenegro: Domestic Elites and Responsiveness to Differentiated External Influence

October 2004

The enlargement of the EU to Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) candidates, Turkish candidacy and the Stabilization and Association Process in the Balkans, provides researchers with...

EU Conditionality and Democratic Rule of Law in Turkey

December 2006

In this report we examine the role of internal and external factors in advancing or preventing "democratic rule of law" reforms in Turkey over the last decade.


Renowned political economist and author Francis Fukuyama speaks on state-building

May 2004

In a May 14 lecture hosted by the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law, Francis Fukuyama, PhD -- professor of international political economy at Johns Hopkins University and...

Engaging Russia

October 2004

Anatol Lieven is right to cite the West's approach to Turkey as a model for how to engage Russia today ("A different way of talking to Russia," Views, Oct. 18).

Global Justice: Looking Forward

August 2007

FSI's Program on Global Justice (PGJ), now finishing its first year, explores issues at the intersection between political values and the realities of global politics.


Whither Turkish Democracy? Liberalism, Islamism and External Influences

March 29, 2006

FUAT KEYMAN is professor of International Relations at Koç University/Istanbul.

The Re-emergence of Eurasianism: Identity Debates and Russian-Turkish Rapprochement

May 18, 2006

Recently, a Russo-Turkish strategic relationship has emerged. Trade in general and energy (gas) supplies in particular play a key role in shaping ties between the two countries.


Transitions from Hybrid Regimes: External Influence and Domestic Constraints in Rule of Law Reforms

The Rule of Law is perhaps the key indicator of democratic consolidation and quality, yet its development has eluded many transitional states.

Just Supply Chains

Globalization, with its volatile mix of economic opportunity and social disruption, is reorganizing production, redefining work, and provoking fundamental changes in the institutions of economic...


Ayça Alemdaroğlu Research Scholar, CDDRL Associate Director, Program on Turkey
Laura Jakli Predoctoral Fellow, CDDRL, Predoctoral Fellow, Program on Democracy and the Internet