Scholarly Publications

Italy and Spain

December 2003

Defining and Domesticating the Electoral Model: A Comparison of Slovakia and Serbia

May 2006

The transitions to democracy in the postcommunist region over the past decade and one-half share a common dynamic, featuring the interaction between two sets of factors.

Assessing the Quality of Democracy

December 2005

The latest volume in this popular series focuses on the best ways to evaluate and improve the quality of new democratic regimes.

Other Publications

Reshaping the Middle East: Winning a Lasting Peace in Iraq Will Take More than Tanks

February 2003

Protesters who marched around the world last week were wrong to assume that American inaction against Iraq will make their children safer or the Iraqi people better off.


Democracy Assistance: Scholars Look at New Ways to Evaluate Programs on the Ground

August 2007

What are the preconditions for democracy? National identity? Economic wealth? Relative economic equality? How does an unstable, illiberal democracy become a well-functioning, stable one?

Diamond provides recommendations for a post-Mubarak world

February 2011

Two decades after the fall of Soviet-bloc dictatorships, popular movements for democracy are erupting in the last regional bastion of authoritarianism: the Arab world.


Who Pays for Economic Adjustment? The Working Class and Economic Reform in Spain, Chile and Argentina

February 7, 2007

The talk will explore and explain the emergence of alternative sets of winners and losers within the working class in three cases of sweeping industrial and market liberalization.

Film screening of Patricio Guzman's The Pinochet Case and Q&A with Carlos Castresana

February 1, 2007

The Pinochet Case Patricio Guzman's The Pinochet Case investigates the legal origins of the case against Augusto Pinochet, the general who overthrew President Salvador Allende of Chile in 1973....

Human Rights and Justice in Argentina

October 12, 2010

Patricia Isasa, a successful architect in Argentina, is a survivor of torture and imprisonment from the age of 16 to 18 during the Argentine dictatorship. She was imprisoned in 1976.


Quality of Democracy Project

As democracy has spread over the past three decades to a majority of the world's states, analytic attention has turned increasingly from explaining regime transitions to evaluating and explaining...


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