Scholarly Publications

Ruling Parties and Durable Authoritarianism

October 2004

The field of authoritarian subtypes has usefully described the third wave's undercurrent, an international trend toward plebiscitarian politics among persistent dictatorships.


Larry Diamond: How to save democracy

January 2009

Bush gave democracy promotion a bad name, Larry Diamond writes in Newsweek. The new administration needs to get it right.

Diamond provides recommendations for a post-Mubarak world

February 2011

Two decades after the fall of Soviet-bloc dictatorships, popular movements for democracy are erupting in the last regional bastion of authoritarianism: the Arab world.

Through the lens of a young photographer

January 2011

Kris Cheng is not your average senior at Stanford University, studying Energy Resources Engineering and traveling to places as diverse as Mongolia to research solar technology for nomadic...


Globalization for Whom? Market Discipline and Corporate Subsidy in the Era of Transnational Hyper-Capitalism

March 16, 2007

Sameer Dossani is director of "50 Years is Enough: U.S. Network for Global Economic Justice", a coalition of over 200 U.S.

The Oil and The Glory: The Pursuit of Empire and fortune on the Caspian Sea

November 6, 2007

Steve LeVine spent 11 years as a foreign correspondent in Central Asia and the Caucasus during a pivotal time in the region's history immediately following the Soviet collapse.


Erik Jensen Senior Research Scholar, CDDRL Professor of the Practice, Law