With projects grounded in real-world problems of poverty, violence and weak governance, our Lab connects innovative research, interdisciplinary teaching and long-term engagement with practitioners to better understand and inform the implementation of effective policy.

    Policy Overview
  • Policy Overview

Policy Overview

The Poverty, Violence and Governance Lab aims to develop an infrastructure for action-oriented research and teaching. The Lab establishes partnerships with policy makers, government officials, NGOs, and police corporations to conduct research that explicitly aims to provide feedback as to what works and does not work to control violence, improve rule of law, and give opportunity for at-risk youth. 

We employ a variety of approaches to inform policy, including cooperative agreements with governement agencies and civil society orgnaizations to exchange data; scientifically evaluate existing programs or jointly work to desing and evaluate new interventions; presentations to policy makers;  conferences that bring scholars and practitoners together; and training a new generation of scholars who value action-oriented research.