Cesángari López Martínez

Cesángari López Martínez

Social Science Research Professional, PovGov
Encina Hall, E501
616 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA 94305-6055

Research Interests

Experimental and quasi-experimental designs, Impact evaluation, Education policy, Rule of law, Inequality, Gender


Cesángari holds a Master in International Education Policy Analysis from Stanford Graduate School of Education and a Bachelor in Economics from CIDE. She is interested in the impact of education on class and gender inequalities and the effect of public policies on Mexicans' welfare. Her recent research examines the gender heterogeneity effects of conditional cash transfer programs and the effect of violence and social programs on the reversal of gender gaps. In the Program on Poverty and Governance, Cesángari is analyzing the determinants of citizen trust and evaluating the impact of public policies on police professionalization in Mexico.