About Our Lab

Established in 2010 and led by Professor Beatriz Magaloni, the Poverty, Violence and Governance Lab is dedicated to the study of the causes and consequences of criminal violence in the developing world and to the design and evaluation of interventions that reduce crime and improve security in areas of weak governance. With a focus on Latin America, where more than 30% of the world's homicides ocurr, our Lab uses the most advanced analytical tools in the social sciences to understand what works and what doesn’t to control violence, improve the performance and accountability of security institutions and the police, reduce human rights violations, and provide opportunities for at-risk youth.

An effective criminal justice system is a prerequisite for upholding the rule of law, while, conversely, the impunity of perpetrators can actually contribute to the perpetration of more homicides.
Global Study on Homicide 2013, UNODC