Networks for Youth Agency

Networks for Youth Agency


  • Marcus Faustini

*This talk is presented in Portuguese.*

Marcus Vinícius Faustini is a carioca filmmaker, writer, theater director, cultural activist, and creator of "Networks for Youth Agency" (The Agency). He is a weekly columnist of the newspaper "O GLOBO", where he writes every Tuesday about culture, city, citizenship and behavior. He has won such awards as the Faz Diferença Award (2012), the ORILAXÉ Human Rights Award (2010), the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Award (UK)(2012), and the Prêmio Shell Award (2012) for innovation with the Home Theatre Festival. Faustini has an extensive background in theatre and film, standing out in the cultural scene since 1998. Previously, he had a significant role in the student movement as vice president of AMES-RJ, a student association in Rio de Janeiro.

This talk is part of a series of speeches and discussions from the Conference on Violence and Policing in Latin American and U.S. Cities. The conference was hosted and organized by the Program on Poverty and Governance at Stanford's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law. For more information on the Program on Poverty and Governance, please visit and follow #PovGov on Twitter.