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Joanne Camantigue

Administrative and Finance Associate, CDDRL

Kristin Chandler

Administrative Manager, CDDRL

Eloise Duvillier

Program Manager, Program on Democracy and the Internet, Stanford PACS

Jonathan Furszyfer

Research Staff, CDDRL

Miloni Gandhi

Program Manager, CDDRL

Perla Gonzalez

Administrative Associate, CDDRL

Kevin Hsu

Creative Director, LAD Online Education

Sasha Jason

Program Associate, CDDRL

Djurdja Padejski

Communications Manager, CDDRL

Young A. Lee

Finance and Research Manager, CDDRL

Audrey McGowan

Events and Summer Fellows Program Coordinator, CDDRL

Lauren Weitzman

Program Manager, CDDRL

Katherine Welsh

Administrative Associate, CDDRL