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      VIDEO: Francis Fukuyama: This is what SA must do to recover and thrive

      Commentary / March 27, 2019

      Francis Fukuyama tells News24 that South Africa must ensure that its institutions are protected and remain committed to its constitution if it is to overcome the last decade and become competitive in the global economy. 

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      BOOK REVIEW: A Grand Fresco: The Origins of Political Order

      Commentary / March 25, 2019

      Global Inequality reviews Francis Fukuyama's book, "The Origins of Political Order."

      Read it here.

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      Identity Politics – The Demand for Dignity and the Nation State’s Future

      Commentary / March 20, 2019

      Watch Francis Fukuyama's lecture he gave in Vienna in March, 2019 on Identity and the Nation State’s Future as part of The ERSTE Foundation Tipping Point Talks 2019. Full video here.

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      U.S. INCOPACOM hosts Stanford FSI faculty and fellows visit

      News / March 5, 2019

      20 Stanford faculty and fellows from the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center recently visited INDOPACOM, providing rare opportunity for participants to talk directly with senior U.S. military leaders in the region.

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      A Remedy for Government Shutdowns: “No Play, No Pay.”

      Commentary / February 5, 2019

      Bruce E. Cain tells The American Interest that a constitutional amendment could be just the incentive members of Congress need to compromise in the face of government shutdowns. Read it here

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      PODCAST: Jaw-Jaw: How Chinese Sharp Power Takes Aim at American Democracy

      Commentary / February 5, 2019

      Larry Diamond breaks down Beijing’s efforts to direct “sharp power” against institutions in the United States in this podcast.

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      Against Identity Politics

      Commentary / February 4, 2019

      Francis Fukuyama explains to Foreign Affairs that identity politics are the "New Tribalism and the Crisis of Democracy." Read it here.

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      Stacey Abrams Debates Francis Fukuyama on Identity Politics

      Commentary / February 1, 2019

      Stacey Abrams tells Francis Fukuyama that identity politics actually strengthen democracy. 

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      Fukuyama Was Right (Mostly)

      Commentary / January 21, 2019
      Paul D. Miller tells the American Interest that Francis Fukuyama's central contention still rings true: There is no conceivable ideological rival to liberal democracy. Read it here.


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      A Hinge in History?

      Commentary / January 21, 2019

      Larry Diamond writes in the American Interest that we are living in dangerous times and may be on the brink of a domestic constitutional crisis. Read it here.

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      R. Kent Weaver joins CDDRL as visiting scholar

      News / January 8, 2019

      Stanford’s Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law is pleased to welcome R.

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      PODCAST: Francis Fukuyama on 2018, a year in identity politics

      Commentary / January 1, 2019

      Francis Fukuyama sits down with The World's Carol Hills to go over the identity politics of 2018. Listen here.

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      Q&A: Ideology Is Out, Identity Is In

      Q&A / December 27, 2018

      Francis Fukuyama joins Nick Gillespie for a thoughtful Q&A on the rise of populism in the West and the role of identity politics in thwarting the end

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      The Great Recession has influenced populist movements today, say Stanford scholars

      News / December 26, 2018

      Francis Fukuyama discusses why populist messages have emerged in contemporary politics alongside Anna Grzymala-Busse and 

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