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Francis Fukuyama
Left to right: Denis Gutenko, Nariman Ustaiev, Yulia Bezvershenko -- fellows of the Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program -- and Francis Fukuyama, senior fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.

Stanford welcomes Ukrainian emerging leaders after COVID-19 disruption

News / October 26, 2021
After a hiatus due to the pandemic, fellows of the Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program are now on campus, ready to begin their ten months attending classes and working on projects tackling issues...
Francis Fukuyama and Kathryn Stoner

Leadership Changes at CDDRL

Blogs / September 1, 2021
Welcoming Kathryn Stoner and reflecting on six years as Mosbacher Director of the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law
Screenshot of Draper Hills 2021 opening session

Global Democracy Leaders Gather Virtually for the 2021 Draper Hills Summer Fellowship

News / August 18, 2021
For the next two weeks, Fellows will participate in workshops led by an interdisciplinary team of faculty to study new theories and approaches to democratic development.
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya discusses the future of democracy in Belarus with a roundtable of Stanford scholars.

Belarusian Leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya Meets with Stanford Scholars for Roundtable on Democracy in Belarus

News / August 4, 2021
Democratic leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya and her delegation joined an interdisciplinary panel of Stanford scholars and members of the Belarusian community to discuss the future of democracy in...
Text on blue background that reads "GOVERNANCE, MEDIA AND CIVIL SOCIETY are critical to the long-term success of California" with logos for, Stanford's CDDRL, and California 100

CDDRL Awarded a California 100 Grant to Evaluate Governance, Media and Civil Society in California’s Future

News / July 19, 2021
The research will be led by Francis Fukuyama, Mosbacher Director of CDDRL, and Michael Bennon, Program Manager of CDDRL’s Infrastructure Policy Research Initiative
Trump supporters at the Capitol Building

New Administration Inherits a Democracy in Crisis, Explains FSI Panel

News / January 15, 2021
Scholars say there is much work to be done to restore confidence in democracy in America and around the world.
Capitol Building

Stanford Scholars React to Capitol Hill Takeover

News / January 7, 2021
FSI scholars reflect on the occupation of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday and suggest what needs to happen next to preserve democracy.
salvini populism italy

The Spread of Populism Around the World is a Threat to Democracy According to New Stanford Report

News / June 2, 2020
Global populism is on the rise, and four FSI scholars are working to understand why populist parties and leaders have seen increased support in recent years.

Beijing’s Building Boom

News / May 21, 2018

"Scholars and pundits in the West have become increasingly alarmed that China’s planned Belt and Road Initiative (B&R) could further shift the global strategic landscape in Beijing’s favor, with infrastructure lending as its primary lever for global influence. The planned network of an infrastructure project—financed by China’s bilateral lenders, the China Development Bank (CDB) and the Export-Import Bank of China (CEXIM), along with the newly formed and multilateral Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank—is historically unprecedented in scope.

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Stanford scholars discuss state of U.S. infrastructure as the president promotes his $1 trillion plan

Q&As / June 6, 2017
Stanford scholars Frank Fukuyama and Raymond Levitt discuss how and where federal dollars should be allocated to enhance the nation’s aging and distressed infrastructure.

Traveling the world to train policy reformers

News / February 5, 2016

The Leadership Academy for Development (LAD) is an innovative program at Stanford’s Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law that trains mid-level government officials and business leaders to be more effective in promoting policy changes in developing countries.

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Fukuyama awarded international book prize

News / May 26, 2015

Francis Fukuyama is the 2015 recipient of Portugal’s Estoril Global Issues Distinguished Book Prize for his recent book, Political Order Political Decay – From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy. Awarded every other year, the Estoril Prize recognizes original scholarship that includes a clear set of policy recommendations on global issues. Fukuyama traveled to Portugal to accept the prize in May during the Estoril Conference, which assembles global leaders and thinkers in Cascais, Portugal.

Previous recipients of the award include:

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Fukuyama on China's political development

News / May 4, 2015

In a recent Q&A for The New York Times, Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow Francis Fukuyama assesses China's political development, asserting that the country's strong state capacity must be balanced by rule of law and democracy. Although the country has found success as a highly autonomous bureaucracy, Fukuyama cautions that bad leadership in both business and government may serve as a source of political decay in the future. 

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Fukuyama on Obama’s power grab

News / November 20, 2014

In a piece for The American InterestFrancis Fukuyama discusses President Obama’s recent executive action on immigration. Fukuyama argues that Obama’s power grab will not produce better democratic government and will lead to more gridlock and partisanship.

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CDDRL scholars on Obama's Middle East strategy

News / September 23, 2014

Francis Fukuyama and former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry write in the Financial Times, suggesting President Obama's stance on ISIS is "overpromising" and that America should follow lessons from British history and pursue a more sustainable strategy known as "offshore balancing." 

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Fukuyama's new book reviewed in The New York Times

News / September 11, 2014

CDDRL Senior Fellow Francis Fukuyama's new book "Political Order and Political Decay" was featured in a recent review in The New York Times. Tracing history from the industrial revolution to the globalization of democracy, Fukuyama argues that liberal democracy is still the best system of governance, although he warns that such systems must manage and combat institutional decay.

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Francis Fukuyama on America in decay

News / August 21, 2014

Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow Francis Fukuyama shares a glimpse of his forthcoming volume of The Origins of Political Order in a recent journal article for Foreign Affairs. Referencing various historical accounts of public administration pitfalls and triumphs, Fukuyama dissects the intricate web of political gridlock confronting American government today. 

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Q&A: Stanford’s Fukuyama on European debt crisis

Q&As / December 8, 2011
European leaders converged in Brussels to figure a way out of a worsening debt crisis and agreed to greater financial oversight and centralization. England refuses to go along with the plan, and Stanford political scientist Francis Fukuyama says he expects some countries will start bailing out of the eurozone.
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American Political Dysfunction

Commentary / October 17, 2011
In an article for the November/December 2011 issue of The American Interest, Francis Fukuyama analyzes the roots of dysfunction that have led to the polarization of the American political system. From the design of the U.S. Constitution curbing the power of central government to the entrenchment of powerful interest groups, Fukuyama suggests that institutional changes will need to take place to break the paralysis that characterizes the U.S. political system.
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Political order in Egypt

Commentary / August 1, 2011
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Frank Fukuyama: Time for a Sensible Debate on Immigrants and Crime

Commentary / July 26, 2010
Opponents of immigration reform see illegal immigrants as criminals who will disregard U.S. laws once in the country, writes Frank Fukuyama in the Wall Street Journal, but they are better described as "informal" rather than "illegal." Reform that provides hardworking illegal immigrants with a path to citizenship should be seen as an effort to move people from a dangerous informal system to one based on a rule of law.
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Democracy and development expert Francis Fukuyama joins FSI

News / July 15, 2010
Francis Fukuyama, one of the world's most prominent experts on democracy, development, and governance has joined FSI as the Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow, effective July 2010. He will reside in FSI's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, and fully engage in the center's research, teaching, and policy missions, CDDRL Director Larry Diamond announced. Fukuyama has written widely on political and economic development. His new book, The Origins of Political Order, will be published in March 2011.
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