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   Larry Diamond




Larry Diamond is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.  He is one of the world's leading experts on democracy and has edited or co-edited over 35 books on the subject.  He was inspired to co-found the Program on Liberation Technology as he started recognizing the deep intersections between technology and democracy in the recent years.  [More]





   Jeremy Weinstein

   Faculty Co-Principal Investigator



Jeremy Weinstein is an associate professor of Political Science, senior fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Ford-Dorsey director of African Studies, and an affiliated faculty member at CISAC.  He has served in prominent positions in the government including the National Security Council at the White House.  In this position, he was centrally involved in the development of President Obama’s Policy Directive on Global Development and worked on developing a robust international anti-corruption agenda, which included the creation of the G-20 Action Plan on Anti-Corruption, the design and launch of the Open Government Partnership. [More]

Ashish Goel


   Ashish Goel

   Affiliated Faculty



Ashish Goel is Professor, Management Science and Engineering, and (by courtesy), Computer Science.  His research focuses on the design, analysis, and applications of algorithms. He is one of the founders of the Social Algorithms Lab, which works in the intersection of social sciences and computer science and algorithms.  He built a platform for participatory budgeting that has been used in many leading cities including New York and Chicago.  Prior to joining Stanford, he was a technical advisor at Twitter. [More]


   James Fishkin

   Affiliated Faculty



James S. Fishkin holds the Janet M. Peck Chair in International Communication at Stanford University where he is Professor of Communication, Professor of Political Science (by courtesy) and Director of the Center for Deliberative Democracy. He is one of the creators of Deliberative Polling®, a new and constructive approach to public opinion polling, which has been used across continents to foster citizen debate on important public issues.  [More]


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