Developing Confident and Critical Thinkers Through Case Study Writing and Teaching



Via Zoom

This workshop is designed to develop skills that participants can use to write public policy case studies and to develop a case library that can be used in teaching programs. The workshop will be offered online, both synchronously and asynchronously.     

The first sessions will involve an introduction to participant-centered learning and case study writing, as well as a full discussion of a selected case. The workshop will involve "how to" lessons on each stage in the case writing process, interspersed with group activities and discussions. We will discuss several existing cases, combined with a “post-mortem” of what worked and what did not.  

We will address issues such as how to refine a case topic and learning objectives, how to prepare for case study research, how to collect qualitative data through interviews, what material should be included and what should be left out of case studies, and how to build participant engagement into the way a case is written.

Workshop Agenda
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