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Children's health


Mark Lorey of World Vision speaks on faith-based international NGOs

February 2015

Mark Lorey, vice president for Child Development and Program Effectiveness at World Vision International, spoke on his experience working for a faith-based international NGO on human rights issues...

Julie Cordua speaks on child exploitation and sexual abuse imagery

February 2015

Julie Cordua, executive director of Thorn, a non-profit organization founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, spoke passionately on the topic child exploitation and sexual abuse imagery for the...

Program on Human Rights launched at Stanford

October 2009

In a new Stanford endeavor, FSI's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law has joined with the Bowen H.


The Digital Defenders of Children

February 5, 2015

AbstractThorn ( drives technology innovation to fight child sexual exploitation.

Health, Human Rights and Why We Should Care

October 30, 2012

Health is a product of biological and behavioral factors, and humanitarian law and human rights approaches have a long record of assisting the medical community to identify vulnerable people and...

Second and Third Generation Human Rights in Africa: Human Rights and Poverty in Africa

January 14, 2011

Building on the foundation of 2009-10 workshop "Legalizing Human Rights in Africa," the 2010-11 interdisciplinary research workshop will extend the examination of human rights discourse and...