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Welcome to the New Academic Year!


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Helen Stacy, Madeline Rees, Katherine Jolluck at the SDJ Speaker Series on Human Trafficking
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The Program on Human Rights (PHR) at the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law is pleased to welcome faculty, staff, and both new and returning students to Stanford University for the 2012-13 academic year. PHR is a part of a growing human rights community at Stanford and in the Bay Area and looks forward to fostering thought-provoking scholarship, events, internships and fellowships this upcoming academic year.

PHR has organized a list of Courses on Human Rights Fall 2012-13 at Stanford. Although not exhaustive, this includes 35 fall courses that focus significantly on human rights. The courses address issues as diverse as violence against women (FemSt 138/238: Violence Against Women: Theory, Issues and Prevention with instructor Nicole Baran), refugee needs (LAW 616: Rethinking Refugee Communities with Professor Mariano-Florentino Cuellar), and film and human rights (INTNLREL 141A: Camera as Witness: International Human Rights Documentaries with instructor Jasmina Bojic).

In the new academic year, the PHR will continue its focus on human trafficking research and policy and human rights education. Its Collaborative research will focus on the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and with medical and public health faculty members and students on the human rights approach to the global health crisis. Through the Sanela Diana Jenkins International Human Rights Series, the program will feature debates with local, national and international experts, activists and academics on the current challenges and possibilities for the International Criminal Court.

PHR wishes everyone a wonderful fall quarter and looks forward to engaging the research community in what will undoubtedly be an exciting academic year.