About the Program on Human Rights

Founded in 2009, the Program on Human Rights (PHR) is a unique intersection of interdisciplinary research and public-policy formation and implementation. PHR seeks to understand how strategies of human rights can best be deployed to advance social justice, freedom, equality, development and the rule of law. It provides a forum for the dozens of Stanford faculty who work in disciplines that engage or border on human rights (including education, engineering, history, human biology, journalism, law, philosophy, political science, public health, and religious studies) and over 30 student-initiated human rights groups on campus.  PHR seeks to relate its research and findings of these many academic disciplines to both international and US human rights policy.

PHR also engages the broader Stanford community, the local Bay Area, and international collaborators in human rights projects, educational activities, empirical research initiatives, and human rights speaker events, workshops and conferences.

In 2011, PHR launched a speaker series called “Human Trafficking is Modern Slavery”, which brought together scholars, activists, government officials, and non-profit leaders. Since that event, PHR’s research and outreach activities have increasingly focused on human trafficking and irregular migration, especially in East and Southeast Asia.

Please visit our research page to learn more about this PHR priority, and visit our events pages to learn about opportunities to engage with important human rights topics.


Updated September 2014


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