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Samer Atallah

  • Carnegie Visiting Scholar, ARD


Samer Atallah is an Assistant Professor of economics at the School of Business of the American University in Cairo since 2011. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Chicago Center in Paris during the winter of 2014.

He has earned his PhD and Masters of Arts in economics from McGill University. The title of his PhD thesis is “Essays on resource-dependent economies: Political economy and strategic behavior”.  He also holds a Masters of Science from University of California at Berkeley.

His research interests are in development economics and political economy. His research work in development economics covers intergenerational mobility, education policy and quantitative analysis of household surveys. His research also covers game theory applications on the political economy of democratization and quantitative analysis of election results.

He is a research fellow at the Economic Research Forum and a member of the Canadian Economics Association and the Middle East Economic Association.