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Taiwan Democracy Project Speaker Series


Taiwan Democracy Project Speaker Series

The Taiwan Democracy Project Speaker Series features talks by Taiwanese public officials, intellectuals, and scholars, and by U.S.-based scholars of Taiwan and of cross-strait relations. Speakers address a wide range of topics related to Taiwan’s democratic development and consolidation. Recent events have covered Taiwan’s foreign policy and quest for international space, cross-Strait relations, municipal and national elections, constitutional and institutional reforms, development of judicial politics, aborigine politics, and Taiwan’s changing definitions of citizenship. 


San Francisco Taiwan
September 3, 2017


  • Dennis Weng,
  • Nathan Batto,
  • Austin Wang,
  • Da-Chi Liao,
  • Dalton Lin,
  • Yao-yuan Yeh,
  • Shirley Lin
Michael Chase
June 2, 2017


  • Michael S. Chase
Hung-mao Tien
January 30, 2017


  • Hung-mao Tien
Bonnie Glaser
January 23, 2017


  • Bonnie Glaser

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