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Deconstructing World Culture: The rise of legal restrictions on foreign funding to NGOs, 1994-2015

June 1, 2017

Abstract:There is a growing backlash against the liberal and neoliberal economic, political and social ideologies that have dominated the globe since the 1980s.

CDDRL Weekly Seminar featuring Zeynep Tufekci

May 18, 2017

Speaker Bio:Zeynep Tufekci, a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times, writes about the social impacts of technology.

How Accountable?: Assessing Developments in Accountability at Multilateral Development Banks

May 11, 2017

Abstract:Within the last fifteen years, nine multilateral development banks (MDBs) have established internal accountability offices (IAOs).  These IAOs, the most well-known of which is the World...

Can Cash Boost Governance in Poor Countries?

May 8, 2017

Abstract:One policy option for countries reliant on natural resources is to share part of the revenues directly with citizens, an idea known as oil to cash.

CDDRL Weekly Seminar featuring Brett Carter

May 4, 2017

Speaker Bio:Brett Carter is an Assistant Professor at the School of International Relations at the University of Southern California and co-PI of the Lab on Non-Democratic Politics.

Planning for the Occupation of Japan

April 27, 2017

Abstract:The Allied occupation of Japan is remembered as the "good occupation." An American-led coalition successfully turned a militaristic enemy into a stable and democratic ally.

Shameful Preferences and the Legitimization of Europe’s Far Right

April 13, 2017

Abstract:As the number of migrants in Europe has risen in recent years, far right parties have fuelled voters’ fears concerning what the influx will mean for their nations.

The Dynamics of Extortion in Mexico’s War on Drugs

April 6, 2017

Abstract:This paper provides an account of the strategies of extortion and co-optation used by drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) toward civil society in Mexico.

Whither Parties?

March 2, 2017

Abstract:Scholars of comparative politics have long examined political parties as organized vehicles of mass mobilization, interest mediation, and policy formation.

The Art of Authoritarian Control in China

February 23, 2017

Abstract:When villages in China began to introduce local elections in the 1980s it was, for many, a moment of great optimism about the prospects for local democracy in the Peoples' Republic.

The Evolution of Autocracy

February 16, 2017

Abstract:Globalization, shifting great power dynamics, and the growing accessibility of Internet and communication technology has changed the environment within which autocrats operate.

Development and entrepreneurship in Cuba: A talk with the winners of 10x10KCuba

February 8, 2017

Abstract:Join Professor Larry Diamond and the winners of the 10x10K Cuba competition for a talk on the emerging entrepreneurial scene in Cuba.

Global Population Change and Global Disorder

February 6, 2017

Abstract:In Revolution and Rebellion in the Early Modern World, I showed that turning points in global population trends have been driving waves of political stability or crisis for at least the...

The Politics of Order in Informal Markets: Evidence from Lagos

February 2, 2017

Abstract: Property rights are important for economic exchange, but in much of the world they are not publicly provided.

Making Politics Work for Development

January 19, 2017

Abstract:Synthesizing the vanguard of economics research on the functioning of political markets, the World Bank’s Policy Research Report, Making Politics Work for Development, distils implications...

Information Session - Fisher Family CDDRL Honors Program

January 13, 2017

This event is open to Stanford undergraduate students only. The Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (CDDRL) is currently accepting applications from eligible juniors due February...

Afghanistan: U.S. Policy Options Fifteen Years after 9/11

January 12, 2017

Abstract:Fifteen years after the American-led international military intervention, Afghanistan faces mounting security, governance, and economic challenges.  The Afghan Army and police remain...

Presidential Transitions - How to Start a New Government Right

December 6, 2016

This event is co-sponsored by the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law and the Haas Center for Public Service. Abstract: The peaceful transfer of power from one president to the...

Toward Real-Time Measures of Poverty and Vulnerability

December 1, 2016

Abstract:Accurate and timely estimates of population characteristics are a critical input to research and policy, but reliable data is often scarce in developing and conflict-affected regions.

What the U.S. Election Means for Both Sides of the Border

November 28, 2016

Faculty from Anthropology, English and Political Science join Stanford students and staff for perspectives on the U.S.

Economic Development and the Spatial Allocation of Labor

November 17, 2016

Abstract:Low-income countries are less productive than their high-income counterparts. Is one reason because labor in high-income countries can more easily move to where it is most productive?

Relic: The Constitution and Ineffective Government

October 27, 2016

Abstract:American government is incapable of dealing effectively with the challenges of modern society. Why the dysfunction?

Why Presidents Fail and How They Can Succeed Again

October 17, 2016

Co-sponsor by Stanford in Government (SIG)Abstract:From the botched attempt to rescue the U.S.

China's Quality of Government in Comparative Perspective

October 13, 2016

Abstract: China's government alternately appears in western scholarship as an idealized meritocracy or a corrupt cohort of venal officials.


James D. Fearon Senior Fellow Professor, Political Science
Rosamond L. Naylor Senior Fellow William Wrigley Professor of Earth System Science, Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute, Senior Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Professor, by courtesy, Economics
Stephen D. Krasner Senior Fellow Professor, Political Science, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Francis Fukuyama Senior Fellow
Karl Eikenberry Karl Eikenberry Fellow, S-APARC, Affiliate, CISAC, Affiliate, CDDRL, Affiliate, TEC
Vanessa Melo Graduate Research Assistant, Poverty and Governance
Seth Krummrich Visiting Scholar, CDDRL
Alexandra Pichler Fong Visiting Scholar
Dayna Barnes Visiting Scholar, CDDRL
Young A. Lee Financial Management Analyst
Gustavo Robles Research Staff, CDDRL
Didi Kuo Academic Research & Program Manager, American Democracy in Comparative Perspective