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Mongolia's Child Money Program

March 2015

Mongolia's Child Money Program is a case study prepared by Lucas Beard for the Leadership Academy for Development as a basis for class discussion. This case is focused on the Child Money Program ...


Visiting scholar on Mongolia's worsening business environment

February 2015

CDDRL Visiting Scholar and former Foreign Minister of Mongolia Zandanshatar Gombojav recently published an article in a Mongolian news outlet,, commenting on the nation's deteriorating...

A Typological Analysis of Democratic Legitimacy: the Asian Cases

July 2013

A well-known puzzle in the study of Asian democratization is the inverse relationship between the level of democracy and the support for the "D" word.

Mongolia, mining, and malfeasance

September 2012

This summer CDDRL faculty traveled to Mongolia at the invitation of President Elbegdorj to teach an abridged form of the Draper Hills Summer Fellows program.


Mongolia: Democracy or hybrid democracy surrounded by authoritarian, hybrid regimes?

February 5, 2015

ABSTRACTThe current state of democracy in Mongolia is 1960 Kuwait, 1980 Qatar, 1995 Abu Dhabi, 2012 Mongolia all the same?

Mongolian Perpectives on Northeast Asian affairs

April 14, 2014

Over the past 23 years, Mongolia’s democracy has advanced on many fronts. The initial transition to democracy was peaceful in both economic and political areas.

The Limits of Counterinsurgency Doctrine in Afghanistan

January 23, 2014

Speaker bio: Karl Eikenberry is the William J.


Stephen D. Krasner Senior Fellow Professor, Political Science, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Karl Eikenberry Karl Eikenberry Fellow, S-APARC, Affiliate, CISAC, Affiliate, CDDRL, Affiliate, TEC